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Being businessmen ourselves we know only too well how hard it is to achieve the objectives you set out to do and make costly mistakes in trying to succeed, we understand that unless your business is being marketed and found then the rate of success is greatly reduced.

Starting in 2009 we had a dream, the dream was to help small to medium size enterprises succeed.

At this time we found that only 48% of businesses had a web presence in Wales, while still in a recession,we found the small to medium size enterprises were finding it difficult to spend thousands of pounds on a web site that was still not easily found on the search engines, so we came up with an idea of creating a cost effective web directory that every business could afford with a difference,  not just a directory listing with ten of your competitors, A search engine optimised fully operational web marketing platform, found on the search engines for what you do (without your competitors) and giving you all the tools that a normal website does and more.

After countless time, effort and resources of trying to create this, we found the system that could do it all and then some.

We then set about finding the businesses that would like to be marketed, we tested the system extensively in different parts of the country and they all succeeded in being found on the search engines. Hence the system was launched…

The number of businesses in the SA Postcode being found with us is growing rapidly and we are still developing new ideas to get businesses more business, because after all, if you succeed, we succeed.

With the support of Business Wales and Welsh Government we can now achieve this.

With the SA postcode growing, we are starting to expand to the CF postcode and beyond, but we still very much enjoy watching the SA postcode businesses go from strength to strength and carry on listing and helping them on a day to day basis.

So wether you are an established company or a work from home business, this will get your business found..

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